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Mariposa County Schools are committed to addressing issues of bullying among our children and youth. Research shows that a comprehensive and coordinated effort will provide the type of change that we hope to see.

Steps to Respect, a program from The Committee for Children, provides the framework for our efforts in the schools. In addition to the Steps to Respect curriculum, we have several youth development program in the secondary schools. Staff development and support services are provided to Mariposa County Schools through a cooperative Memorandum of Understanding.


Com. for Child.

Steps to Respect is a bullying prevention program for elementary schools designed to decrease bullying and help children build more respectful, caring peer relationships.Steps to Respect professional development is designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the role of friendship skills in preventing bullying;
  • Recognize bullying behavior;
  • Support children who are bullied;
  • Intervene effectively in bullying situations.


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2005 Needs Assessment
MCUSD Board Resolution
MCUSD Prevention of Bullying Policy

Resources for Teachers

Steps to Respect Program
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Bullying and Violence Literature Review
Relationship between Domestic Violence and Bullying
Level 1 Curriculum Correlation to the 3rd Grade
Level 2 Curriculum Correlation to the 4th Grade
Level 3 Curriculum Correlation to the 5th Grade