Mariposa County Project Respect
Bullying. It's just not cool. Group of teenagers

Mariposa County Project Respect

Mariposa County Project Respect (MCPR) works in the schools and in the community to reduce bullying and conflicts among youth, and to help young people make safe, positive and healthy choices in their social relationships.

Our teen programs raise the bar a little higher, encouraging participants to make safe and healthy social and dating choices, and to learn to respect and honor differences in all people. Our programs are funded through government grants and private donations administered under the stewardship of Mountain Crisis Services, Inc.

MCPR realizes that it takes a community-wide approach to end bullying, and that bullying is not just a school problem.  Our strategies include:

Student Education

In partnership with Mariposa County Unified School District, students receive the Steps to Respect or the Second Step curriculum in their elementary and middle school classrooms, except at Mariposa Middle School, where we use Let’s Get Real .

In addition to classroom-based discussion, all campus sites (excluding MCHS) have Project Respect coaches on-site for 10-15 hours per week who help mediate bullying behavior and intervene when bullying reports are brought to their attention.

Professional Development

When adults learn more about the dynamics of bullying and how to intervene when they see it, they are better able to meet the needs of the youth in our community.

Trainings for teachers were provided at every school and our two initial demonstration sites, Mariposa Elementary and Lake Don Pedro Elementary, attended an in-depth training administered by Committee for Children, one of our curriculum suppliers.  All teachers, yard supervisors, bus drivers, and administrators from these two schools attended this training, as well as a teacher representatives from every other school in MCUSD.

Administrative Support

The Mariposa County Unified School District and Mariposa County Board of Supervisors adopted resolutions to show administrative support for these efforts.

Community Awareness

GTO (Getting to Outcomes) Prevention Strategic Plan
California Delta Prevention Plan (pdf)
Plan 1 - Norms (pdf)
Plan 2 - Creation of FRC (pdf)
Plan 3 - Partnerships (pdf)
Plan 4 - Data Sharing (pdf)

Project Respect was launched with a community campaign featuring posters, banners, bumper stickers, stickers, newspaper ads, and other efforts to increase the community’s awareness of bullying and what can be done about it.

News articles and first-person reports are regularly published by the Mariposa Gazette , online on the Sierra Sun Times and in other local news sources and newsletters to inform parents and community members about the work of the Project. Project Respect has expanded to all district school sites, and other program information is available by browsing this site.

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