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Mariposa Students Act Out for Project Respect

Presenting the pro-social skills of teamwork, friendship, loyalty, and integrity to the Mariposa and Lake Don Pedro communities became an activity of oral expression and the opportunity to “act out” for many students.  On Friday, December 11th at Mariposa Elementary School the after school “Kids Club” performed 3 Reader’s Theatre pieces with several narrators and characters while 6 days later on the 17th at Lake Don Pedro a performance included poems, short stories acted out by the K-3 classes, and 10 Reader’s Theatre pieces which involved the entire school. See entire article (pdf)

What Can Parents Do About Bullying

Even though bullying has existed in schools for decades, that is no excuse to continue to allow children to be bullied. Many parents don't think that bullying is as big a problem as bringing a weapon to school or drug use but its effects can be severe and long lasting. Researchers have gained new understanding of the dynamics of bullying and the roles of all those involved. Every day, nearly 160,000 children miss school because they are scared of bullying, according to the National Education Association. The long-term negative outcomes of children who are bullied are too serious to ignore. For example, the CIA has reported that fully two-thirds of recent schools shooting incidents in the United States were committed by youth who had experienced severe bullying by their classmates. See entire article (pdf)


Project Respect Hosts Teacher Training

In September, 2009, forty-seven of MCUSD staff were treated to stellar training by our Seattle-based Committee for Children trainer, Corrina Skildum. Funding for this training was provided through a Mental Health Services Act contract. Project Respect is an anti-bullying and character development program that has been in Mariposa County’s schools since 2006. Teachers in each school are teaching their students about empathy, impulse control, anger management, problem-solving, and how to handle bullying using two different curriculums produced by The Committee for Children. See entire article (pdf)


Project Respect and SMILE Invest in School Community

In April 2009, two Mariposa County Schools were chosen to participate in a full site and community implementation of character and relationship building lessons. The two selected schools are Mariposa Elementary School (K-6) and Lake Don Pedro Elementary (K-8). Project Respect has visibly encouraged teachers, students, and parents to reflect on their everyday social decisions and will partner with SMILE to broaden the effectiveness. See entire article (pdf)


A Testimony of How Bullying Can Affect a Child Into Adulthood

Bullying can affect a child forever; leaving behind it a residue of anger, depression, and fear for those who experience it. Whether it is the victim or the instigator it will affect their life forever. I know this from first hand experience having been on both sides of the fence. See entire article (pdf).


Awareness is the first step. Prevention is the key.

None of us want to see our children harmed in any way. Even when we believe that our children will talk to us when something is wrong, we may miss things that are crucial. There are dynamics to bullying that as adults we may not understand. For example, when a child is being bullied he may want to tell someone. He may want to tell his teacher or his parent. But this child, even though in the middle of the situation, does not understand. He only knows that if he does tell, the bullying will get worse. The bully will retaliate and in many cases the retaliation can be far worse than the initial bullying. See entire artlcle (pdf).


Community Approach to Bullying

By now, most of us are well aware of the serious issue of bullying. There certainly are no shortages of headlines that pull our attention to the serious impact that bullying is having on our children, youth, schools, and ultimately our communities. See entire article (pdf).


Project Respect Kick Off

This fall, as a result of a two year planning process, a community-wide effort to prevent bullying will be launched in Mariposa County . The Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) and Mariposa County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (MCDVCC) team up to bring the community Mariposa County Project Respect (MCPR). The goal of MCPR is to end bullying in Mariposa County by increasing the community’s awareness about the problem and by encouraging positive and respectful behavior among our youth. See entire article (pdf).


The Link Between Bullying and Domestic Violence

Many people have asked me about Mountain Crisis Services’s role in Project Respect: how is preventing bullying going to prevent domestic violence? See entire article (pdf).